Инфопульс Украина

Вебсайт www.infopulse.com
Индустрия Информационные технологии
Год основания 2003
Количество сотрудников до 3000 сотрудников

Infopulse – a Trusted International Vendor of First-Class IT Solutions

With offices in 8 countries across Europe and the Middle East, Infopulse is one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. Delivering excellence in Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management, and Information Security, Infopulse has built a reputation of a trusted full-service solution provider.

Growth and stability

Founded over 25 years ago, Infopulse has been sustainably growing during the past decade. As of 2017, with a team of 1,500+ best-in-class IT specialists, Infopulse continuously enjoys top ranks in Best Employer Ratings, consequently showing the lowest attrition rates on our market.

We ensure interesting and comfortable working conditions for all of our employees and the balance between professional and private life. For this purpose, we have developed a comprehensive program that covers:


  • Monthly compensation of sport expenses;
  • Corporate football, volleyball and basketball teams;
  • Corporate support to cyclers.


  • Annual free medical examination;
  • Trainings on healthy lifestyle (when there are enough participants);
  • Autumn immunization;
  • Procurement of vitamins for our employees in autumn and winter;
  • Assistance with selection and partial reimbursement of health insurance;
  • Case-to-case aid with serious health problems.

Family support

  • Assistance in family reunion on long-term business trips;
  • Special benefits for single parents and large families.

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